Damage Waiver Fee Policy

(Please read carefully as you are deemed to fully accept this Policy upon submission of reservation)

The total cost of your reservation for this rental includes a non-refundable Damage Waiver Fee plus applicable taxes for the entire stay, each as reflected in your total reservation cost. THIS DAMAGE WAIVER AND RELATED FEE IS NOT INSURANCE AND DOES NOT PROTECT YOU FROM GENERAL LIABILITY OR LIABILITY TO THIRD PARTIES. It is a limited waiver between the parties to this reservation that protects you from incurring expenses related to certain accidental damage to your rental unit occurring during your stay, PROVIDED THAT THE DAMAGE IS DISCLOSED TO MANAGEMENT PRIOR TO CHECK-OUT AND SUBJECT TO THE OTHER LIMITATIONS IN THIS POLICY, INCLUDING THE MAXIMUM REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT COST OF THE DAMAGE OF $3,000.00.

This Damage Waiver covers the registered guest and such other persons who are authorized in writing to reside in the rental unit overnight as part of the reservation (collectively, the “Registered Guest”) for up to THREE THOUSAND AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($3,000.00) of accidental damage to the rental unit or its contents (such as furniture, fixtures, and appliances), but not personal items of the Registered Guest, as long as the Registered Guest reports the incident to East West Hospitality prior to checking out. The Damage Waiver fee eliminates the need for a traditional security deposit. The total cost of any damage, including items damaged or repairs required to return the rental unit and its contents to its condition prior to your occupancy, is based on the full replacement or repair cost with items of similar make and kind without deduction or credit for the used condition of the property damaged or lost. East West Hospitality has the authority to determine the methods, replacement items and materials, contractors and all other matters related to the administration of the repair or replacement of damage.

How to Report Damage

Please report accidental damage as soon as it occurs so we can assess and minimize the extent of the damages, but in no event can the damage be reported after check-out. To report accidental damage, please text or call East West Hospitality:

- SMS Text: 970.431.8791
- Call: 877.401.0684

The Registered Guest is required to take all reasonable, necessary steps to prevent further damage.

Damage Waiver Additional Terms and Conditions

  • The Damage Waiver only covers damage that occurs during the authorized rental period and that Registered Guest reports to East West Hospitality PRIOR TO CHECK OUT. Damage discovered after check-out and not reported by a Registered Guest will disqualify the damage from coverage under this Damage Waiver and this Damage Waiver shall not offset any costs arising from such damage.
  • The Damage Waiver Fee is mandatory and non-refundable for any reason once the Registered Guest has checked in with respect to the reservation.
  • This Damage Waiver does not cover (i) intentional damage (such as, but not limited to, the removal of unit inventory), (ii) damage caused by any person other than a Registered Guest or of any Registered Guest’s invitees, (iii) damage caused by smoking, pets or other animals brought onto the rental unit without permission, (iv) damage caused by unauthorized parties or any violation of the rental policies applicable to the reservation, or (v) damage caused by any criminal activity. The Registered Guest is fully responsible for all damage arising from any such activities of the Registered Guest or of any Registered Guest’s invitees.
  • This Damage Waiver does not cover damage to any structure or improvement other than the rental unit covered by your confirmed reservation and its contents.
  • Registered Guest is responsible for any accidental damage that exceeds $3,000. The cost of repair or replacement for damage in excess of $3,000, or the full cost of uncovered damage, will be charged to the Registered Guest’s credit card used to secure the reservation or used at check-in, and the Registered Guest hereby specifically authorizes such charges.
  • This Damage Waiver is provided and administered by East West Hospitality and is not an insurance policy. This Damage Waiver does not protect the Registered Guest from liability claims and does not cover vehicles, the Registered Guest’s personal items or those of their invitees, or injuries to Registered Guests, guests, invitees, or other persons.